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5 Reasons for Using Parental Control on Your Devices

Published: 05/31/2021


Along with the smartphone and tablet ‘boom’ the focus we used to have on protecting our computers appears to have shifted dramatically. From choosing as much privacy as possible, to less-to-no privacy at all in 2021. Along with the current pandemic that has made technology indispensable, the smart devices takeover appears complete.

However, now more than ever, we should pay attention to our privacy as well as our children’s.

So here are 5 reasons why you need an antivirus with parental control:

1. Explicit content is 4 taps away from the eyes of children.

Do not underestimate their ability to discuss ‘the sensible topics’ among each other as early as kindergarten. This will automatically lead to curiosity and a taboo oriented behaviour. It is healthier to introduce them to such information gradually and with the proper information. Parental control can help you filter the right information in advance. It actually does it for you.

2. It can save you a lot of money

Remember that funny little app he plays all the time on? It is a product that intends to sell as much as possible. It will have triggers and incentives and with just one tap your phone or credit card bill can reach sums you never thought possible.

You can get real-time threat protection against malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing attacks and more of today’s complex online and offline threats with multiple layers of advanced security technology including smart firewall.


3. Your credit cards need to be secured

Aside from purchasing game tokens, your credit card information can be accessed just by clicking the wrong link. Hackers usually use masked pages that resemble official, harmless ones. An anti-malware solution will stop this from occurring.

4. School time should be school time

Every app or website will fight for the user’s attention. This makes it really hard for pupils to focus on working on school assignments. A proper parental control solution will allow you to designate the usage type for your devices, creating the proper environment for your children.

5. Your camera and microphone should always be protected

The internet can be a very dark place on occasions. Anti-spyware software is necessary for countering such activity that can lead to ransomware attacks and other privacy intrusions you just shouldn’t have to deal with. For both you and your children.

Perhaps, the ultimate idea when it comes to protecting our devices is that we have left our guards down. Everything will feel safe until it isn’t and this comes as a realisation often too late. The questions we should ask ourselves is this: are my devices protected? Is my child’s activities online filtered from the potentially harmful content?

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